The Pastor

San Sebastian de Garabandal

S.Sebastian pastor of Garabandal

D. Jose Rolando Fuentes Head, He is the pastor of San Sebastian de Garabandal.

Born 13 August 1944, in the town of Novales (Cantabria), was ordained priest in the same locality of birth day 2 September 1972.

He exercised his priestly ministry in the area Nansa from the time of his ordination. Holds the post of Archpriest, the Virgen de la Barquera Arciprestazgo, since 1991. Present day, serving 8 Parishes, (Kadesh-Camijanes-Carmona-Celis-Cosio-Rabago-Rozadío and San Sebastian de Garabandal), where shares his pastoral work with a broad ecclesial and social work.