Easter 2020



Coronavirus has revolutionized consciences, the questions, of today's man and woman, at a crossroads of pain, of anguish, of insecurity, of death, of solidarity and the world of politics, of society in all its areas. The Nazarene, the Veronica, the cirineo… we can find them in the ICUs, in hospital rooms, in families confined by terror, in the people who watch over our safety, in those who supply us with food, in carriers ..., in so many anonymous people who expose their lives so that we are protected in all aspects. Never has a Holy Week been so real since our Savior gave his life for us. Christ is present in a special way in each one in the midst of this situation.


Every Easter touches our lives of yesterday and today, teaches us to read the world and its history from a God made love and a Mother given in love for humanity. Invites us today, and at this puzzling moment, to reflect from the silence of the heart, the mysterious and compassionate gaze of a God the Father in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic in this 21st century. A reality that overwhelms and worries in all areas of our lives: Fe, Doubts, suspicions, fears, uncertainties, economy, unemployment, families, dead alone, lonely sick, doubts and anxiety before the political management, and so a host of questions.

The coronavirus kneels us down, we wanted or not, hesitate or create, before the God and Lord of life and history, who two thousand years ago gave us his love in Christ, suffering, dead and risen. This year 2020 it's a LIVE Easter, in our personal stories. This pandemic shakes our consciences and presents us with the great truth of man, of its history and its time. Sinks our hearts before God and urges us to look at our souls in the tragic mystery of this moment, first of all to discover that God the Father who loves us forever and looks for us when we lose our way (Gene 3,9); He brings us back to the paradise of eternity for which we were created.

Secondly, it urges us to look at the soul in the silence of the suspicious pain of this moment., in the uncertainty that awaits us, in the dead that sadden us by being confined, and in a long etcetera. Looking at the soul in these moments is a pressing invitation to ask ourselves the great questions of life: Where do I come from?, Where I go?, What is the sense of my life?, How and with whom do I walk the path?, because walking alone without the company of God is the great and fatal failure of life. These moments are terribly difficult and we have to answer those questions. But, they are also moments of hope: God is in our midst. What happens hurts and oppresses; but we can feel that the Lord is still looking for us to heal and restore us.

In third place, looking at the soul we discover the other, the brother who walks with us and who at this time has manifested his presence in solidarity. This gaze invites us to be the good Samaritans of the path to give them the service of love, reception and accompaniment. But along with all this, there is also the silent and tireless action of the Lord who seeks our salvation and our reparation-conversion.

Faced with these realities, the only and great vaccine against this pandemic virus is PRAYER. A prayer from within and the silence of the heart to convert us to Jesus Christ. It is what we need most today, is the first and fundamental: turning our hearts to the Lord and letting ourselves be found with Him. This is how our recovery journey will begin. From immediate experience we know that pain oppresses us, it shakes us and overwhelms us. To free ourselves right now, hope is needed: security in the power and love of God. He is in the boat to calm the storm (Mc 4,35-41), "I will be with you until the end of the world (Mt 28, 20). Let us go through life with the decision to act as He asks us. Going through life with decision, with constancy, hopefully is what characterized the Virgin Mary. Let us ask the Virgin Mary with these three invocations: Health of the sick, Comfort of the afflicted, Refuge of sinners, May he visit our mountains and places again, taking the Lord where he is going, as in his visitation to his cousin Elizabeth, (Lucas 1, 39-56). Today our world, our Spain, Our Church needs the visit of the Virgin Mary as the simple town has experienced so many times. The Virgin Mary teaches us: trust God, putting our eyes on Him. To be good Samaritans on the path of life carrying the Beatitudes in our pouch and in our hearts.

Walk with hope and confidence. Let go of everything that hinders the goal where we are going. Brothers! let's go back to god. Let's put our gaze on Him. Many evils that overwhelm us have their origin in the heart of the man who has forgotten God and has allied himself with the devil. Let us return to Him with a repentant gaze, talk and sincere. And turning to God, let's set our sights on brother, especially to the needy; there are many "needy" people who suffer from the solitude pandemic before the coronavirus. As priests and shepherds of souls, we cannot abandon them; and if we can't go home, at least we can call them on the phone and listen to them; they need to feel welcomed by the heart of God, the heart of the priest.

Let's fight for the culture of life, Let's put aside the corruption of this world that is born of power and money whose marriage separates us from God to turn our backs and proclaim the culture of death. That we come out of this pandemic adjusting our conduct to the will of God, for which Jesus Christ gives us strength and the Virgin intercedes for us.

Let's take advantage of this confinement to make a good examination of conscience, we all need to a greater or lesser extent a deep conversion. God needs priests and faithful saints more than ever, that despite their weaknesses and sins, they get up again and again, with a contrite and humiliated heart. Is this a time of grace, it's conversion time, purification. Let us pray with hope, firmly, let's not waste this time with distractions that dissipate us from God. Let's keep inner and outer silence, to better hear the voice of God. This pandemic must serve us for a true encounter with God, a true inner healing. God takes us away from the noise, of distractions so that we really put it at the center of our lives, displacing our ego, and separating from us what separates us from Him.

Let us leave this moment with the conviction that we are not alone. God and his love are with us. With this painful experience in this valley of tears, we know that Mary continues to visit her town, keep climbing the mountain quickly because we need it. And your visit is effective: bring God with her. Let's trust her. And, So, we can trust more in the Lord who continues to want to save his people. Brothers let us walk hand in hand with Mary, the Virgin of truth without limitations and holding the HOLY ROSARY with clean hands, key prayer of yesterday and today of the believing people. Prayer is the great vaccine against this virus and other viruses. Let's put our weakness in the hands of God and He will transform it into strength.

We are sure that this Easter 2020 resurrected us from this pandemic, but above all the guarantee of our pandemic or not is that CHRIST has risen.

We pray to the Virgin our Mother with Pope Francis to come soon to this mountain and to so many places in the world to share with this humanity the coronavirus pandemic and the faith pandemic that causes so many disasters. We also put ourselves under the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel so that he defeats the devil and his consequences with his power.

Oh mary, you always shine in our
I walk as a sign of salvation and hope.

We trust you,
sick health,
that together with the cross you were associated
to the pain of Jesus, holding your faith steady.

Your, salvation of all peoples,
you know what we need
and we are sure that you will provide
for what, as in Cana of Galilee,
I can return the joy and the party
after this testing moment.

Help us, Mother of divine Love,
to entrust ourselves to the will of the Father
and to do what Jesus will tell us,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
And it has loaded our pains to lead us,
through the cross, to the joy of the resurrection.

Under your protection we seek refuge,
Holy Mother of God.
Do not ignore our supplications
that we are in the test,
and free us from all danger,
oh glorious and blessed Virgin.

With my affection and blessing your Father Rolando